20th & 21st November 2024

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How to build a more resilient, revenue-generating and profitable estate agency business...even in a low-volume market!

Remove the trial and error in growing your business with battle-tested strategies


Fast track the delivery of your 3-year business goals in as little as 12 months!




This Bootcamp is only for driven individuals who want to think BIG and deliver even BIGGER results!

If you work in the estate agency industry - as a business owner, leader or professional and want to discover breakthrough strategies that will catapult results, unlock potential, and unleash success within your business... read on!

If you enjoy being like every other ‘Me too’ Estate Agency business; fighting in the crowded marketplace while settling for a life of mediocrity, being average, then please leave this page right now...

You’re still here and reading, so I guess you're a driven individual ready to take action!

To deliver...

  • A Resilient, Future Proofed Business Plan for Success
  • ​Rapid Business Growth Even in a Challenging Market
  • ​Increased Business Profits
  • A High-Performing Team Culture Revered By Competitors
  • ​Business Financial Security... No More Sleepless Nights!
  • ​Your 3 Year Goals Smashed in 12 Months

...then attending the next Built To Grow Bootcamp is a must!



Hilton Heathrow, TERMINAL 4, London


Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st November 2024


A 2-day high-impact Bootcamp working ‘hands on’ with 2 of the freshest business minds in the Estate Agency world; Perry Power [voted one of the top 10 influencers in UK Estate Agency right now] and Royston Guest [author of two #1 Best Sellers Built to Grow and RISE: Start living the life you were meant to lead].

Walk away with a personalised business growth plan and blueprint containing break-through, battle-tested strategies that will enable you to build a more relevant, agile and resilient estate agency business - built to THRIVE not just survive!



Timing is everything!

There are two key reasons why you’ll not want to miss out on this Bootcamp and why you need to secure your place fast before the Bootcamp sells out.

Reason #1:

"Business Don't Grow on Their Own... Leaders Grow Businesses" - Royston Guest

You'll hear this expression on multiple occasions on YOUR bootcamp - it will become part of your DNA!

If you are not growing your mindset, skillset and toolset 'ahead' of your business then consciously/unconsciously you might just become the blocker that is holding your business back from realising it's full potential

Bootcamp will arm and enable you with the critical leadership mindset and skills giving you the confidence, self-belief and keys to unlock your businesses REAL POTENTIAL

Reason #2

The Built To Grow Bootcamp is run in November so that for two days, you can step out of your business and work on your business growth plan.

With your plan in hand, you'll build up the momentum in the final quarter, ensuring you have a robust and bulletproof growth plan to SMASH your business goals in preparation for 2025.

In business, momentum is everything!



"Perry and Royston are a great double act - they're like the 'Ant and Dec' of the estate agency market. Royston's broad business experience together with Perry's on the ground, hands on estate agency experience is a powerful and unique combination." - Philip Bishop - MD of Perry Bishop

Perry Power
MD and Founder of Power Bespoke
At the age of 12, most kids dreamt of being pilots or professional footballers… Perry dreamt of improving the estate agency sector! His single Mum had a terrible experience with an estate agent, and from that point on, he dedicated everything to improve the estate agency world; one move and one experience at a time!

Obsessed with negotiation, client experience, marketing and technology (aka Estate Agency), today Perry leads Power Bespoke (a top 3% UK estate agency), enabling more people to move onto the next chapter of their lives. He is known as one of the top 10 UK property influencers alongside the likes of Phil Spencer & Sarah Beeney.

"As if estate agency wasn't going through a big enough change pre-pandemic, now it's all changed. Many agency owners are worried. It excites me.

What better time to completely re-imagine an estate agency? It's time to get laser-focused on what you do and who you serve and go out there with complete clarity to ensure accelerated, sustained, profitable growth.

This is exactly what I did when I read Built to Grow, met Royston and became lucky enough to be coached by him. I've applied the Built to Grow Framework to Power Bespoke, and my business has never been healthier. We have a more motivated team, more clarity, higher fees and more importantly... more confidence. Now it is time to give this opportunity to every other estate agency owner out there." 
Royston Guest
Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Pathways Global, Author, Speaker & Coach
If you know anything about Royston, if you have had any experience with him or his work, you know one thing above all else; he delivers.

His sessions, focusing on business growth and personal transformation, are a game-changing, transformational experience and his energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Royston is dedicated to making a real tangible difference.

Known as a passionate, results-driven person, Royston challenges the status quo and inspires others to take action. His passion and professional mission is to understand and unlock human potential, helping business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs unlock their full potential, be the best version of themselves and deliver accelerated sustained and profitable business growth.

In summary; helping individuals to create more life - more freedom and more choices!

- Author of #1 best seller business growth book, Built to Grow, a proven time-tested model to unlock real business potential full of strategies, tools and ideas.

- Author of RISE, Start Living The Life You Were Meant To Lead a proven blueprint placing you firmly in the driver’s seat of your life.

- CEO of Pathways Global – A fast growth business growth consultancy and technology business.

- Accomplished Business Strategist, Executive Coach and Facilitator who has a proven track record for delivering business growth and personal transformation.

- Acclaimed Conference Speaker for more than 10 years.

- Active Business Growth Blogger who is regularly featured in print, online, The Guardian, Forbes, Mail Online, The Telegraph, fresh business, and radio, including BBC Radio, and TV on BBC World News, and many more.


The Bootcamp is specifically for...
  • Business Owners, Senior Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs who are the key decision-makers in their estate agency business. 
  • ​Team members who are serious about growing and building a resilient business, avoiding costly trial & error and who want to fast track their pathway to success.
  • Team members who are committed to implementing their personalised business growth blueprint, which you’ll walk away with to make S*** happen!
  • ​Team members who are action orientated. Places are limited to 20 businesses because of the intimate nature of the event, working closely with Royston & Perry.

An Overview on What You Will Discover of Your 2-Day Bootcamp...

WHY BUSINESSES DON'T GROW ON THEIR OWN, LEADERS GROW BUSINESSES... If your business is not realising it's growth potential, it might just be that you are unknowingly the blocker that is derailing and holding it back! A powerful session where we’ll unpack several disruptive ideas and strategies to ensure your growth as an individual and leader becomes the catalyst for business growth.

TIME FLIES, BUT THE GREAT NEWS IS YOU'RE THE PILOT... Ever catch yourself saying things like: "I'm always busy" or…." I never have enough time"? Those days will be no more after this session! Twelve key strategies to become a productivity ninja; brutal in your prioritisation, a revitalised bias for action, a reputation for making S**T happen. Your business and team will benefit whilst adding more value to customers; you'll work less, deliver increased results and make more money. This is a game changing, in fact life changing session!

YOUR SIX BUSINESS GROWTH LEVERS... There are so many moving parts to running a business; sometimes, you can feel like the pinball bouncing around from one thing to the next. The great news, there is a formula for growing your business to deliver sustainable, predictable, repeatable results. Once you understand and apply these six growth levers, you'll be in the driver's seat, knowing the precise moves to grow and scale your Estate Agency Business. And here's a clue to one of need to STOP focusing on revenue!

YOUR RESILIENT FUTURE PROOFED PROPOSITION MIX... What’s the ultimate product and proposition mix to build a resilient, recession-proof business built to thrive and not just survive? Residential Sales, Lettings, Land & New Homes, Auction, Search & Secure Service, Committed transaction, Onward negotiation, Financial Services. We’ll talk the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of each plus audit what you are currently doing so that you walk away with an action plan of where you want to shift the % mix in the next 12 months and what you need to do to make it happen! Power Bespoke implementing the negotiation service alone netted an extra £250,000 income in just 12 months!

PURPOSE & MISSION... Growth is never by mere chance, it’s the result of forces working together. And a critical force in your business, the glue that creates focus, drives decision-making, and ignites self-motivation, is a compelling WHY...a purpose and mission that drives not only what you do but most importantly...WHY you do it. You’ll walk away having either (1) Validated and reinforced your current purpose/vision/mission or (2) Re-worked or created them live on the Bootcamp!

MARKET POTENTIAL... Why a spray and pray approach just won't cut it in today’s ultra competitive, fast paced environment. Are you falling into the trap of trying to be everything to everyone and in danger of focus dilution and being nothing to anyone! How to create laser beam focus on your target customer/client profile/s...we’re going to get granular here! Also NOTE the plural and not the singular - we’ll explain why on your bootcamp! Together we’ll also smash the limiting belief about the geographical boundaries which your Estate Agency can operate in - a clue it's not limited to postcode or market’s everything to do with where your ideal profile customer is, who values what you do, how you do it and who is delighted to pay your fees?

WHAT’S YOUR COMPELLING VALUE PROPOSITION... Through three compelling reasons, you’ll be able to increase your conversions from valuation to instruction, sell at the asking price or above, and secure average fees 50% PLUS above the industry average. We’ve been doing this for five years now, and we’ll show you precisely how.

CLIENT SERVICE EXPERIENCE... The one thing no other agency will be able to copy is your unique service experience once you've discovered the golden nuggets we're going to share during this session. It's about being brilliant at the basics and heroic in recovery, plus understanding the four psychological needs underpinning every great experience. And let's not forget the role of tech to enable and automate key facets of your service experience... quick wins, low-cost game-changers to what you do and how you do it!

MARKETING FUNNEL & LEAD GENERATION... How to create a torrent of low cost/no cost leads. Seriously, Power Bespoke have had to turn down their lead gen taps because of too much business! We'll walk you through step-by-step each stage, what you should and shouldn't be doing, and what the cost and conversion should be. We'll even share the scripts and software you need to differentiate and streamline your business.

PROSPECTING & SELLING SUCCESS... How to systemise your end to end sales and service experience journey. We’ll walk you through each step of the journey, what your conversion rates should be, and how this aligns with your service experience. It’s taken us three years to refine this model, and you’re going to learn it in 3 hours! The output: You’ll become a 100% referred business! You’re going to want every team member to use this playbook for consistent, predictable, repeatable results.

ATTRACTING, DEVELOPING AND RETAINING THE RIGHT TALENT... The right people will either catapult you forward in realising your growth ambitions or set you back months, leading to frustration, missed opportunities and increased costs! You'll discover the three key questions to ask in every interview, the questionnaire every person needs to complete before an interview, plus how to build a compelling employee value proposition.

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE... The glue which pulls everything together! How to build your Estate Agency into an automated, systemised money machine that works without you having to be there 24/7. You’ll become an agile, resilient, future-proofed hybrid agency with an elite team of people who are the best in class. Your productivity and consistency in your service experience will smash the competition out of the water.

TECHNOLOGY & AUTOMATION... One of the key strategies to build value in your business and ensure you have a turnkey operation that will deliver systemised, predicable and repeatable results every time is your adoption of technology and automation. Perry has spent hours researching, testing and investing over £100,000 in designing the optimum tech stack for a tech enabled estate agency business. We'll walk you through step-by-step exactly what it looks like and how you can personalise it for your business.

MEASURES THAT MATTER... Most Estate Agencies measure the wrong things. You'll walk away with the 'exact' business dashboard you need to ensure you are tracking and measuring the things that matter. You'll make timely, informed decisions about how you optimise and leverage your business performance. 


Clients pay Royston £7,500 to speak at a 90-minute event. Perry is simply not in the market to host this type of event despite the torrent of daily requests he receives for help.

Your Built To Grow Journey is not just about a Bootcamp. It's been designed as an immersive, transformational multi-faceted experience.


Two weeks before the 2-day Bootcamp, you'll attend a 90 minute online session with Royston and Perry where you'll start to tap into the mindset enablers for success.

You’ll discover why success is 80% psychology and 20% skill.


Over 16 hours of personal face to face time with Royston and Perry.

Be prepared for high octane, high impact, interactive 2 days. They are pacey, provocative, and edgy and provide the cut through ideas, strategies, and tools you need right now to grow, scale, and turn your Estate Agency business into a turn-key machine, built not just to survive but thrive!

It is priceless being in a room with like-minded individuals, with shared values and a shared vision of greater success. You will forge relationships and network groups which will serve and benefit you for a lifetime.


The Bootcamp is not the end... it’s just the beginning!

Value enabler 3 is all about translating knowledge into action. Prioritising the actions from the programme, building momentum and becoming a purposeful, goals and action-orientated productivity ninja who makes S**T happen!

In January, your accountability online sessions with Royston and Perry will begin plus you'll have access to Royston and Perry’s FB Groups, regular weekly live sessions like Fast track Friday and Ask the Business Coach and of course, your full access pass to the Pathways platform and Power Agent programme. 


Take control of your business growth today! The Business Growth PathwayTM is the first digital platform to give you dynamic, data-led growth insights for you and your business. Think of it like personality profiling for your business.

You'll receive a full access pass to 18 growth enablers, over 500 unique resources and 700 hours of learning from webinars to training videos, from articles to podcasts, plus tools and templates to implement in your business straight away.

Learn new skills and knowledge when you want, where you want and how you want, and implement your newly acquired skills to grow your business.

The Pathways platform is a unique resource supporting the face to face sessions you will have with Royston and Perry, and you get a 12-month subscription as part of your programme.


Since success in life is 80% psychology and 20% skill, your experience begins with focusing on YOU and ensuring you’re set up for success.
RISE is Royston’s second book released in January 2019; it is jam-packed with the latest ideas, strategies and tools for personal success.

You will be utilising a toolkit of resources and undertaking business-specific questionnaires from The Business Growth PathwayTM; this is where you’ll do the inner work on YOU as the critical enabler to your business success even before you get to the Bootcamp!



Whether you’re struggling against a climate of uncertainty, change and low productivity, or simply failing to turn your founding vision into something more concrete. Built to Grow offers you a blueprint for success.

Built to Grow will be your go-to business growth resource and will show you ways to grow your business in a sustained, predictable and profitable way.



The Power Agent Programme will help you get into more living rooms, win more listings at higher fees, close more deals and take your income to the next level!

You'll learn how to... generate 7 figure listings, how to join the '6 Figure Club' & so much more....

Plus receive access to members only exclusive content!

The Benefits of the Programme...

- Access to 70+ AMAZING training videos with new content & strategies added regularly. These are the exact strategies Perry & his team use at Power Bespoke.

- Membership to 'The Power Agent' Private Facebook Group where you can be open and honest with fellow members and receive genuine help, support & best practise.


  •  LIVE EXAMPLES of Perry Extracting OVER Asking Price Offers
  • ​How to Close Clients
  • ​How to Win Instructions that Actually Sell
  • ​​How to deal with Difficult Conversation
  • ​​Over Coming Fee Objections
  • ​​Property Marketing Strategies
  • ​​And MUCH MORE...
  •  Setting Your Goals
  • ​Growing Your Profile
  • ​Overcoming NO
  • ​​The Complete Power Agent Manual
  • ​​Perry's Personal Facebook Profile Strategy
  • ​​Digital Marketing Strategies
  • ​​Negotiating Like a Pro

Your Investment...

This is most definitely not a cost. It’s an investment in your future. Fact!



To secure your place on the Built To Grow Bootcamp it's an investment of only £1,500 per person

Pay £500 per person now to secure your place(s) and the remaining balance will be invoiced 8 weeks before the bootcamp.
*Evening meals and overnight accommodation are not included but a discount link for rooms at The Hilton will be provided.*
If you want more life, more freedom and more choices through building a business which is turn key and geared for accelerated, sustained and profitable growth – then we’ll see you on your Built to Grow Bootcamp.
It might just be one of the smartest choices you ever make!
“What a fabulous course!!! Two days of superb, easy to understand and implement content. Royston Guest's amazing Built to Grow strategy is so inspiring to see how it works for estate agency Perry Power and Power Bespoke. Thanks all. Its been beyond fantastic.”
Lisa Curran, Director, Homesale & Homelet Ltd
"Attending the Built to Grow Power Bespoke Boot Camp was the best decision in my 30 year career. I came away with multiple ideas and plans to implement in my business going forward which will be life changing for me and the business.I cannot recommend Perry and Royston highly enough. Superbly organised, experts in their field, extremely professional and ground breaking. Don't forget the opportunity to network with other like minded business men and women is an added bonus."
  Sarah Benson, Residential Director at Independent Estate Agents, Perry Bishop & Chambers
"A truly inspiring event, that not only helps you focus your mind on how to improve your business, but also some great agency tips which are simple and cost effective to implement."
 Ian Storey, Agent and Managing Director at Storey Estates
*Built to Grow & Power Bespoke GUARANTEE
If by lunchtime on day 1 you don’t feel you're on the pathway to identifying and creating a business growth blueprint that will deliver 30X your investment over the 2 days then speak with either Royston or Perry, keep your programme materials and you can leave with a FULL refund. We’re putting this out there to give you total piece of mind. We know you’ll get the return on your investment from just ONE of the strategies we’ll be sharing with you, which for some reason 99.9% of Estate Agencies are just not doing it. Be the 0.01% who are.

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